Build your trustworthy AI

Come together in one platform to embed knowledge into high-quality, auditable datasets which can be used for building world-changing and trustworthy AI.

Invite and manage team members and collaborators

All data remains your data, and is end-to-end encrypted

Complete audit trail, for use in regulatory approval

Save time and money in AI development

Screenshots of Curate and Annotate interfaces

Within AI development, 80% of the costs are associated with the data.

At, our mission is to make the production of high-quality machine learning datasets as simple as possible.

We are doing this using our in-house expertise in medical imaging and data science.

Using our open-source MLOps software, it’s easy to develop and share large 2D and 3D imaging data.

And it’s available to anyone needing image analysis software to create machine learning datasets.

“It is really user friendly and easy to use and every button is self explanatory. It is much easier than previous tools I used that were not as interactive and friendly like this one.”
Senior Consultant
Ophthalmology Department, NHS

Effective Artificial Intelligence applications could improve outcomes for patients, and support medical practitioners, around the world. But for people to benefit from more trustworthy AI, dataset development must be made easier. 

AI applications in medicine, healthcare and pharmaceuticals are subject to an emerging landscape of regulatory and ethical frameworks. With our MLOps software, teams are provided with detailed, human-readable audits that can be used to help reach compliance. Additionally, our code is open source – not obscured – which is more acceptable for AI development in regulated environments.

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