Building trustworthy AI, together is an exciting new enterprise. Our mission is to make the development of  Fair, Accountable, Transparent and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (FATEful AI) quick and easy for all. achieves this through the delivery of productivity tools for imaging AI with a focus on user-friendliness and ethics. The team is dedicated to making AI achievable in any domain: biomedical, environmental or industrial.


The AI revolution is upon us and offers amazing opportunities to change the world in a vast number of sectors; from healthcare and life sciences, to engineering, finance and the environment.’s vision is a global data landscape embedded with the necessary, high-quality information to create usable training data for real-world AI, enabling universal access to the capabilities of first class AI.

What’s speciality is the analysis of complex images with AI, in particular biomedical images such as X-ray, CT, MRI and Microscopy.

Building FATEful imaging AI requires input from domain experts, such as medics, AI experts and compliance experts, who ensure that new AI products are legal and ethical. 

But when done right, FATEful AI can make the world a better place. is creating innovative, focused software tools to solve this problem. is creating tools to manage, curate and annotate data in a way that enables Fair, Accountable, Transparent and Ethical AI to change the world for the better

When is a 2018 spin-out from Durham University (UK) founded on world-class research into biomedical image analysis. We will be launching our latest AI productivity tools for public sale in 2021.


Bill Shepherd

Chief Executive Officer

Chas Nelson

Chief Technology Officer

Boguslaw Obara


Ian Griffiths

Chief Commercial Officer

Craig Cooper

Lead Software Developer

Lucille Valentine

Head Of Regulation And Compliance

Rose Bunker

Media Officer

Phil Jackson

Software Engineer

Phil Hall

Project Manager

Christian Baidoo

Software Developer

Silvia Zeni

Software Developer


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