Using to Realise the Potential of OCT Data

Close up of a person's eye

The aim of the OCT data project is to create a ground-truth annotated dataset that would be utilised for the future development of fully automated AI tool capable of segmenting and quantifying different features in retina images and scans…

AI in MedTech — What are we actually doing?

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The use of artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare is thought to be capable of freeing up large quantities of an expert’s time by undertaking exacting and laborious work, saving significant sums of money, improving diagnostic outcomes and democratising medicine by making the world’s experts available globally inside a computer.

‘Coded Bias’ brings bias in AI into mainstream

Coded Bias successfully demonstrates why unregulated, ill-thought-out and opaque approaches to developing AI can easily lead to flawed models that may not only discriminate against certain groups of society but also fail drastically to meet the applications’ original objectives.