Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Privacy Comes First

When creating healthcare AI, developers must assure patient confidentiality. That’s why privacy and security are at the heart of and our privacy-preserving machine learning platform.

All data is end-to-end encrypted. So is one of the most secure platforms out there.

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Your data will always be your data is end-to-end encrypted. So only you and your team ever see your data.

In today’s world, there’s concerns about companies using their customers’ data. Undeniably, this can be scary for teams developing healthcare AI.

So at, we are absolutely clear:

We don’t aggregate users’ data,

and we don’t monetize users’ data.

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What is Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning?

Privacy preservation is a way to enable data to be shared and processed without compromising privacy.

AI uses large amounts of data. That data is often sensitive, particularly for healthcare applications. In addition, datasets used for AI are often commercially valuable. Therefore, adopting privacy-preservation is key to developing trustworthy AI.

Furthermore, it provides peace of mind that data is safe and secure. Plus, it helps to meet data protection standards.

Using end-to-end encryption, all data on’s platform is encrypted when uploaded, stored and transmitted.

Developing Trust

We need to be able to trust AI used in healthcare, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. To do that, we must ensure the right tools exist for developing trustworthy AI. And to enable developers to securely access and use the data they need.

At, we believe that AI should be fair, accountable, transparent and ethical. That’s why we’re building software to help others develop trustworthy AI products.’s software can make a real difference to projects that need patient data. Click here to read about one team who were able to use NHS-derived scans using our platform.

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