Enabling Teams Developing AI

No matter where you are

gliff.ai provides a single workspace for teams developing AI. And for accounts using our cloud-based service, users can work together, from anywhere in the world.

Our interface is quick and easy to use, which is ideal for busy clinicians and healthcare professionals. What’s more, with three user types, you can effectively manage what data different team members can access.

a rowing team - gliff.ai enables team developing AI

Team Owners & Members

Team Owners have full control over their projects within gliff.ai’s platform. With just a few clicks, Owners can invite new users to join their team and assign them images to annotate. Managing and tracking your team’s dataset development is easy and simple in gliff.ai.

Team Members can utilise the platform’s full functionality without being able to see or update billing information. Creating and modifying projects, uploading data, annotating and labelling images, and reviewing audit trials – Team Members can fully contribute to their team’s AI development.

Did you know: You can pre-set labels to ensure standardisation across annotated data?

Bring on board your Collaborators


Teams developing AI often need to engage with their external domain experts.

Perhaps those experts work in different organisations, meaning they shouldn’t be able to access all project data. In gliff.ai, you can invite Collaborators to join your team but restrict their access to only the images you assign to them. This way you can stay in control of your team and your data.

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Tailored for Teams Developing AI

gliff.ai offers different plans to accommodate the needs of different teams developing AI. For more information about our plans, visit our pricing page.

Try our team workspace for free...

Anyone can sign up to our platform for free for 30 days. Furthermore, we won’t even ask you for payment details.

So try it for yourself.