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A snapshot of’s year in 2021 has Lift Off!

Among the many exciting things in 2021, none are as impactful as the official launch of’s platform in July. After nearly a year of carefully designing and building our open-source software, is now available to anyone who wants to build high-quality and auditable datasets for their AI.
Screenshots of's MLOps tools platform interface
Thank you to our brilliant tech team for working hard to bring our innovative toolchain to life!

A New Brand

Prior to the official launch of’s platform, we worked closely with Lucy Batley, Layers Studio and internationally recognised Northumbria University Design School to develop a fantastic new brand for our website and materials. The colourful design reflects the company’s positive vibe and outlook. Involving Northumbria University in the early stages of the process also meant that we provided local students with a real-life business case to work on as part of their masters degrees in communications.

Use Cases

Enabling high-quality dataset development so that AI solutions can be used in real-life is central to’s mission. In 2021, two separate teams of ophthalmology specialists utilised our software to develop their datasets. The clinical professionals used our annotation tools to analyse OCT scans of retinas in order to capture their knowledge of specific medical disorders. As these projects accelerate next year, will continue to support these domain experts and we look forward to seeing how their innovative and valuable work progresses. Beyond the world of health, this year also completed a feasibility study in the High Value Manufacturing sector which demonstrated that our platform can be used to help fight counterfeit goods. Working with Durham University and a major multinational,’s solution is anticipated to more than double the efficiency of counterfeit detection processes.

Staying Ahead of the Game

In late October, some of the world’s most influential governments in medical regulation released guidelines for practices in developing medical AI. At, we were delighted with this development. The guidelines correspond directly to our company’s mission and what we offer. If you missed our press release, you can read it here.

Expanding Our Team

In 2021, expanded its team, bringing on board Craig Cooper (Lead Software Engineer), Ian Griffiths (CCO), Rose Bunker (Media Officer), Josh Smith (UX/UI Designer), Kim Lida (Apprentice Software Development Technician), and two interns, Matthew Lowery and James Thorne. Our strong team of 16 staff holds a wealth of technical and commercial expertise which we’re using to further develop our software platform and increase our visibility.

In September, we were also very fortunate to bring the whole team together for the first time post-lockdown (photo). And we look forward to welcoming more team members in 2022.

Not stopping there, this year established an Advisory Panel to help support and inform the strategic direction of the business. A special thanks to all our Panel members that are joining us on our journey.

Moving Forward in 2022

“It is a really exciting time to be working at Our mission is to enable the development of AI by domain experts, particularly in MedTech. We have built our team and established our product as a world leading application for creating AI ML datasets. Next year we will focus upon increasing our customer base and adding innovative features to our product.”

Bill Shepherd, CEO of